For track licensing, sync-licensing, remix requests, bookings or any press related question please use one of these methods below. Also it's the way if interesting in Limitless Audio too.

Demo Policy

The best thing to do is to send them via AIM to limitlesaudio. That way your track will end up in the same folder as everyone else’s and I will definitely listen to it when I get a chance. If you prefer email it's ok, but don't send me mp3s as attachments, give me only he link of the hosted file and some info about yourself. Emails without subject could end up like spam, so keep that in mind. If, for some reason, your track fails to transfer (it may happen), don’t start sobbing, just try again another day..

File Naming:
When sending tracks, make sure you include your AIM name in the filename (also ID3 tags are welcome). In fact, the file naming convention should go like this:
ArtistName_-_TrackName_AIM-AimName.mp3 If you just send tracks called "Track 01.mp3" or "Untitled Rendered V3.1.mp3", how the hell am I supposed to know who it’s by and get back to you?

Send only 320k mp3s of full, completed tracks. Clips of tracks will just be deleted. Under no circumstances send DJ mixes. We’re not interested in those at all.

If you send a track please don’t hassle me asking for feedback. If it’s good, I’ll get back to you. You have to understand that, like everyone else, I'm very busy and it may take days, maybe weeks before I get to hear your track. There’s no way I have the time to talk everyone through their tracks – sorry, but that’s just the way it is.